Tabdeal Exchange Terms

Terms and conditions of using cryptocurrency Tabdeal services

Terms and conditions of using services in Tabdeal digital currency exchange. The subject of this agreement is basic principles like users' rights, duties, and responsibilities to use the services of the Tabdeal site, which is a platform for trading digital currencies; also, all the necessary instructions are mentioned. Applying the facilities and services of the site (registration, buying, selling, and any other facilities) means that the user has read, understood, and accepted the terms of this agreement truly and accurately. Otherwise, they do not have the right to use the facilities and services of the site.

Definitions and vocabulary


The terms and conditions of use are for the websites,, and, referred to as Tabdeal in this agreement. Tabdeal is subject to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and is a platform for exchanging digital currencies with each other and Rials. No other currency, dollars or other fiat currencies, is exchanged through this platform.


A user is a person who visits the Tabdeal site of their own free will and uses the services of this site without any obligation. After the user's agreement and confirmation (by registering as a user), the provisions of the agreement that Tabdeal offers will be implemented, and also, if necessary, the rules and regulations may be modified. However, any changes to this agreement will certainly be notified to the user before its implementation date.

Digital currency

Digital currency or cryptocurrency is any digital currency that is accepted by the Tabdeal site for trading.

Registration process, authentication, and user account verification

To avoid any money-laundering act, create a safe environment, and prevent fraud and fake documents, all users must confirm and authenticate their identity. The registration and authentication steps are as follows:

Email verification

After signing up for Tabdeal, a verification code will be sent to your registered email address. By entering this code on the site, your registration will be done there. After this step, you can deposit rials or digital currency to your Tabdeal account, but withdrawing will not be possible.

Submitting personal information

At this stage, the user will enter their name, surname, identification code, landline number, mobile number, date of birth, and address (be careful when entering the mobile number because it will be one of the ways we communicate with you on any occasion).

Sending bank information

At this stage, the user enters his bank card number along with their Shaba number (please note that the bank card number and Shaba can belong to two different bank accounts, but both bank accounts must belong to the person who owns the user account).

Verifying contact information

In this step, if the user registers their own mobile number, there will be no need for a phone call. Otherwise, a voice call will be made to the user's landline number to confirm the contact information.

Photo verification

At this stage, as the final step for the authentication process, the user submits a photo of their face while holding a new valid identification card with a photo and a handwritten text - written in legible handwriting on a piece of paper. If approved, access to the Rial deposit will be opened, and after the first deposit of Rial by the user, the withdrawal process of the Rial and digital currency will be possible. The user's account will be temporarily closed for 48 hours, and after this time, the withdrawal of the account will be possible for the user (please note, this is true only for the user's first rial deposit).

These actions will not violate personal privacy and will not be presented to any third party except with a court order or a written request from FATA police. The decision regarding the success or failure of the authentication process will be at the sole discretion of the Tabdeal site, and this site can accept or reject an authentication at its discretion.

In the following cases, Tabdeal can reject the account and remove it:

  1. If the user has not reached the legal age (fully 18 years through the solar calendar) or does not have sufficient legal capacity,
  2. Attempting to create an account by providing other people's personal information such as name or email address,
  3. User's failure to enter the necessary information or when the user enters incorrect information when creating an account,
  4. In case of user's non-compliance with the rules and regulations or taking actions contrary to the standards announced by the Tabdeal site.

Account management

  • The user account should only be used by the users themselves. If the user's information changes after registration, the user must immediately update the new information and wait for the Tabdeal site to confirm it as soon as possible.
  • Tabdeal site will not be responsible for any damage caused by not correcting the information by the user or the damage caused by the unauthorized use of the user's account by another person who stole the user's password.
  • Notifications related to the exchange services might be sent to the user to provide better services; these messages would include various information and would be sent directly to the user's email or mobile phone.
  • In case of a system error when using the services, including programs, the Tabdeal site can remove the false information caused by the error and apply the true information.
  • If the user violates the regulations, the Tabdeal site may temporarily or permanently prevent the user from using the service.
  • In case the user loses his login data to the system, some information will be taken to return the data to them. However, if the information is verified, the user will receive the access again, and if the identity is not fully verified, access will not be recovered.
  • If the user does not log in for a long time to use certain services, the Tabdeal site may request more information.

Costs and fees

  • The service fee for the financial transactions performed in Tabdeal is in accordance with the description provided in the service fees and commissions section .
  • Any commission and other costs that the banking system and cryptocurrency network add for money transfer will be paid by the user.

The user agrees that:

  1. The Tabdeal site reserves the right to change the terms of this agreement at any time, with prior notice to the user.
  2. All transactions made by the user are considered correct transactions. Therefore, the protection of the user account, password, or other data is the responsibility of the user, and it is necessary to pay attention to the damages caused by violations or financial crimes.
  3. Digital currency transactions must be done with awareness and investigation, and the user is responsible for any unwanted loss caused by buying digital currencies, investment risk, and price fluctuations.
  4. Don't let others know about your user account and critical information, and take responsibility for any violation of your account.
  5. It is better not to use rental accounts and profit sharing. These cases are against the law and are prosecuted.
  6. Tabdeal site's effort is to provide 7/24 services. However, in the event of any incident like service suspension due to the illegal actions of users or third parties or an error within the service, the problem will be resolved, and the service will restart its work at the first possible time. In this case, the user can submit a recovery request based on their trading records; however, Tabdeal cannot compensate for the profit and loss caused over this period.
  7. If the site encounters any damage due to the illegal activities of the user, the site can legally claim it. Therefore, the user must use the services in compliance with the rules and regulations.
  8. After announcing any change in the framework of the agreement, the user will be notified via one of the available connecting methods. They would have 7 days from the effective date to apply the mentioned changes. If the user does not react, the amended agreement will be considered an approved one. If the user does not agree with the recent agreement, it will be possible for them to leave the membership individually.
  9. Things not mentioned in this agreement are subject to the laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran or the rules announced by Tabdeal.
  10. The legal owner of the funds and accounts is the person who has used them in each order in any way, whether for payment or receipt.
  11. To ensure users' safety and prevent crimes such as money laundering and fraud, Tabdeal reserves the right to block withdrawals from the violator's wallet for at least 24 hours. After the inspections are completed, and the discrepancies are resolved, the possibility of withdrawing will be enabled for the user again.
  12. Transactions made by Tabdeal during the execution of orders are irreversible and subject to the rules of the system of each digital currency related to the transaction made.
  13. The user has to register carefully and enter the necessary information with extra attention and care; however, all the responsibility related to the wrong entry of information during the order is on the users themselves, and Tabdeal does not accept any responsibility regarding the order with wrong information, whether caused the loss or not.
  14. Tabdeal is responsible for moving the specified amount in the given transaction (buying and selling order) and has no other responsibility.
  15. Tabdeal is not responsible for any delay or unsuccessful transaction due to defects, problems, or repairs of the digital currency system or the receiver bank.
  16. Any tax charge resulting from the user's transactions will be the user's, and Tabdeal has no responsibility.
  17. Tabdeal is responsible for executing the orders correctly and according to the specified and transparent fees mentioned in the above contract. The user may not have any claim from Tabdeal's site, its managers, employees, or anyone related to this site.
  18. Each cryptocurrency wallet address belongs only to that cryptocurrency. In case of any wrong deposit of any other cryptocurrency to the specified address, due to the similarity of the addresses of some cryptocurrencies with each other, all responsibility for the wrong deposit is on the user, and Tabdeal has no responsibility for the user's possible mistake. 
  19. The deposit address assigned to deposit the digital currency to the user's account has a limited duration, and all responsibility is on the user after the expiration of the deposit address assigned to the user.
  20. Tabdeal sends rials to the user's account through the PAYA cycle[1], up to one working day, which happens three times during office hours, and the tracking number is included in the relevant transaction. It is worth mentioning that unpredictable problems, such as delays in the Shaparak network, may affect the transaction during this period of time.
  21. If Rial deposits for users encounter delay due to bank restrictions, deposit limits, and other reasons, the user cannot make any claim or request, such as canceling the transaction or requesting a higher amount, other than the claim of not receiving rials from the exchange.
  22. If, under any condition, Tabdeal makes a mistake and adds funds or currency to the user's account or makes any mistake in its calculations, it is allowed at any time independently and without performing any judicial formalities and receiving written permission from the obligor (the account owner), to correct the mistake and withdrawal from that account. However, Tabdeal's recognition will be valid due to the occurrence of a mistake or payment without the right and the need to withdraw from the account.
  23. Tabdeal does not endorse any analysis, forecast, or signal. The presented analysis of the market is just based on the predictions, and there is no certainty of its occurrence. and Tabdeal does not have any obligation to carry out and achieve its results.
  24. Never receive money or buy digital currency for other people under any title, including employment advertisement, earning a profit, finding a job, etc. These kinds of deposits may have been stolen, and there might be legal and judicial responsibility for their application. However, the consequences of such acts will be the responsibility of the user, and Tabdeal will not have any responsibility for such issues.
  25. Important points related to the services offered by Tabdeal include the following, which the user should be aware of and observe:
    • Tabdeal's transaction service acts as an intermediary between users and does not guarantee the value or refund of the virtual currency in any way. Also, the responsibility for the economic benefits resulting from the transaction with the virtual currency will be the responsibility of the user. The market price of the virtual money announced by the exchange may not coincide with the real price temporarily due to technical limitations such as system or program error, environmental asymmetry, and communication space inside and outside. Of course, Tabdeal has done its best to fix this difference in price.
    • Tabdeal does not guarantee the accuracy of the user's personal information registered on its platform. Whenever Tabdeal finds any incorrect data, it stops that user's contact with the exchange from the services and takes countermeasures.
    • Tabdeal will not be responsible for any damage caused by the theft of the user's account by a third party.
    • The minimum volume of transactions in Tabdeal is 100 thousand tomans, and the transaction will not be registered with fewer amounts.
    • The first Toman and cryptocurrency withdrawal request will be possible 48 hours after the first rial deposit. Obviously, this restriction would be applied only to the first request, and after that, there will be no such restriction.
    • In the case of account suspension, Tabdeal will conduct an investigation, and the user will be required to fully cooperate.
    • If the account is suspended, the user cannot deposit rials or request a deposit and cannot use their wallet.
    • The user will receive a Rial according to the amount of cash in his Rial wallet.
    • The user can always receive cash equivalent to his present Rial in his account wallet. The amount of the cash will depend on the amount determined by Tabdeal. Of course, Tabdeal will not have an obligation to pay the interest related to the Rial in the user's Rial electronic wallet.
    • Tabdeal can prohibit the exchange of rials in the following conditions and, of course, will inform the user of the prohibition and the causes:
      • If a written request is submitted from the courts or any government institutions,
      • If the exchange amount is very high,
      • In case the user has committed a crime or is suspected of having some benefits from a crime scene,
      • In other cases, if it is deemed necessary to limit the use of payment services based on Tabdeal's operating policy.
    • Legally, Tabdeal does not undertake any obligation or guarantee for the specific matters not mentioned in this agreement regarding providing services. In addition, Tabdeal will not feel any obligation regarding the products or the value of the virtual currency that has not been issued or assigned by itself and also has not guaranteed its payment.
      • If the service encounters damage due to the user's action,
      • Damages caused by the process of entering the service and using it,
      • Damages caused by illegal third-party's access to the server and its illegal use,
      • Losses caused by a third party's transmission and distribution of malware,
      • Damages caused by a third party's use of services,
      • Damages caused by evasion, deletion, or destruction of the issued information,
      • Losses caused by shortcomings in communication services by the service provider. Especially when the provider of communication services, if there is a legal relationship between Tabdeal and the users, causes inabilities to provide services and makes it uncontrollable,
      • Losses caused by a force majeure such as war, fire, earthquake, and other natural disasters and national emergencies,
      • Losses caused by special features of virtual money. Especially those that cause defects or technical limitations in the management system. Especially those that cause defects or technical limitations in the management system,
      • In the event that the servers are interrupted or unavailable to provide services,
      • Other damages arising from causes that are not caused by actions or acts of Tabdeal.
    • If the information the user provides does not match the reality, Tabdeal can stop providing services or terminate all or part of this agreement. In case of damage, Tabdeal can compensate from the user's balance.
    • If the user causes one of the above-mentioned damages, Tabdeal can compensate for damages through virtual money with a Rial unit in the user's electronic wallet, which belongs to the user and is confirmed - even if the user does not confirm with it.
    • In case of damage caused by illegal activities, Tabdeal can use the right to claim damages against the user according to the law. Therefore, the user must use the services within the framework of laws and regulations.
    • The exchange reserves the right to remove any currency from its trading market if a project is detected as a scam to prevent any possible losses to users. In this case, the users' assets are kept in the trust wallet.

Dispute Resolution

This agreement or service is interpreted and subjected to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, regardless of the nationality or residence of the user. The law governing the settlement of disputes is subject to the Iranian law. Of course, suppose there is no specific law or court regarding virtual money, etc. In that case, the practice or strong belief outside this country can be effective within the framework of the laws and regulations regarding the dispute under this agreement or services. With a dispute between Tabdeal and the user regarding the use of services, Tabdeal will try to resolve the dispute; however, if the dispute does not settle down, it will be possible to file a lawsuit through referral to arbitration under the Civil Procedure Law.


Exchange's application requests the following accesses when necessary to improve the user experience:

  • Access to read text messages: to automatically fill in the SMS confirmation code.

The contents of your text messages are protected, and the digital currency exchange does not view or store any of your information under any circumstances other than text messages. It does not use information except the confirmation code from the digital currency exchange via SMS.